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Brandywine Valley Properties

Emergency Response Services

One of our managing agents is on call 24/7 for emergency services.

The manager evaluates the nature of the emergency and dispatches required personnel as needed from a comprehensive list of qualified contractors.

Administrative Services

​We are the point of contact among management, residents, owners, board members, vendors, contractors and public officials. In this role, we facilitate all administrative duties at the direction of the Board of Directors. 

  • Handling all phone calls, including after-hours emergency
  • Maintaining community files, which include:
    • Bylaws and deed restrictions
    • Unit files
    • Contracts
    • Insurance policies
    • Resident lists
    • Meeting minutes
    • Plot plans and maps
  • Receiving, reviewing and preparing written correspondence
  • Attending and producing materials for monthly board meetings
  • Organizing, attending and providing assistance with the association’s annual election meetings
  • Reviewing community insurance requirements and working with insurance agents on claims and to obtain adequate coverage

Financial Services

We provide accurate monthly financial reports to each of its clients. We are responsible for receiving assessments and administering the association’s accounts. Funds are not commingled with those of any other client association or those of BVP.

  • Collecting assessments
  • Administering late fees and interest to delinquent accounts
  • Mailing collection notices
  • Filing in JP Court for past due accounts
  • Receiving, reviewing and paying invoices for payment
  • Maintaining monthly disbursement files containing copies of invoices and check registers
  • Issuing necessary forms to association’s vendors for IRS guidelines
  • Preparing and maintaining all financial records
  • Producing monthly financial reports
  • Preparing and distributing annual budgets
  • Assisting Certified Public Accountant with information for annual audit and tax preparation

 Brandywine Valley Properties Offers..

Management Services 

Brandywine Valley Properties (BVP) is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable professionals who provide outstanding management services to each association. Our managing agents work directly with the Board of Directors to ensure all community needs are met. Agents are trained to manage each community in accordance with their governing documents. 

  • Conducting property inspections
  • Administering violation letters
  • Enforcing deed restrictions
  • Processing maintenance requests
  • Soliciting, reviewing and negotiating contracted services